How to be an expert packing?
13 July 2021

Summer has already started and with it, also, the holiday season!

Are you going on a trip in the next few months? If so, are you one of those who usually prepare everything in advance or do you prefer to rush to the maximum until the last moment?😜 If you are one of those who gets stressed when thinking about what to pack and prepare everything before the trip, you are in the right place.

Today we bring you 10 tips to pack your suitcase and become an expert.

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1. Make a list of the things you want to take

This is highly recommended so that you don’t forget anything and take everything you need for the trip, both in terms of clothing, footwear, such as toiletry bag, makeup, passport, etc … That is, everything you need to only worry about enjoy your well-deserved holidays.






2. Create clothing sets so you don’t have to wear more!

By wearing the ready-made looks it will allow you to save time at your destination so you do not have to be thinking about what you are going to wear and above all you will save space in the suitcase (which is the most important thing) since you will not carry extra clothes and you will be able to buy you things and that they fit perfectly in your suitcase for the return 😉


3. Put the heaviest items down like shoes, toiletry bag or pants

Everything that has more weight such as shoes, toiletry bag or garments such as pants or jackets, it is best to go in the bottom of the suitcase. In this way we will get the clothes to wrinkle less, for example, lighter garments are always put on top because they tend to wrinkle much more.


4. Put the shoes in individual bags

Try to put the shoes in individual bags, preferably made of cloth, in order to avoid staining the clothes and, as they are cloth bags, we will also avoid damaging the garments.


5. Optimize the gap inside the shoes

Did you know that you could optimize the gap of the shoes? Yes! You are reading correctly, you can take the opportunity to put the socks or pinkies inside for example, instead of carrying them loose in the suitcase!


6. Don’t fold the clothes, roll them up!

One of the best ways to fold clothes to optimize space is to use Marie Kondo’s vertical fold, rolling the clothes into rolls. Thus, in addition to gaining space in the suitcase, we will make the clothes wrinkle less 😉


7. Always wear the most voluminous

If, for example, you have to wear a jacket that takes up a lot, it would be best if you wear it during the trip to gain more space in your suitcase. The same would happen with shoes that are very bulky or with bags.


8. If you are wearing more than one belt – keep them folded in the collars of the shirts

There would be two ways to store the belts in the suitcase, on the one hand we could optimize the collars of the shirts and put them there rolled up, we will save space and we will ensure that the collars of our shirts do not deform. And on the other hand, you can put them unrolled, completely stretched around the suitcase.


9. Separate the suitcase by categories: clothing, accessories and footwear

Performing this type of separation will help you make sections in your luggage so that you will have everything perfectly located.


10. Put some empty bag

Putting empty bags will allow you to store dirty clothes or a wet swimsuit for example and thus you will not stain the other items of your luggage.



Now that you know all the tricks to pack the perfect suitcase, are we going on a trip? 🤩


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