Autumn/Winter trends 2023
4 October 2022

The trends that we will wear this Fall/Winter 2023

Hello everyone! 😃

The suffocating heat and high temperatures 🥵 that we have experienced during this summer have finally ended… giving way to that chill that makes you want to put on a jacket.

Soon we will start with the change of wardrobe to get the autumn / winter clothes… if you are not one of those who have already started🍂

Have you ever wondered what will be this season? Have you seen any of the trends we will be wearing?

Nope? Don’t worry, today we bring you the most outstanding ones and those that you probably won’t miss out on your shopping cart.

Grab a seat let’s get started! 🚀

The 10 trends that you cannot miss this autumn-winter:

1️⃣ The College Style or also known as Preppy.

This aesthetic has come back this fall with a bang, it is mainly characterized by this type of clothing ➡ Board skirts, sweatshirts with university logos, classic white or light blue shirts, moccasins, baseball caps, knitted vests, rhombus sweaters…

2️⃣ The classic white cotton tank top.

3️⃣ This is not a novelty, the leather.

After several seasons, leather continues to be king. This season you will be able to see it in a total look, betting on wearing both the upper and lower part of the body with leather garments. The options are endless and for all tastes.

4️⃣ The color pink in all its shades, but especially fuchsia.

If you want to join the trend, you should know that the key is to combine it in a total look format: dresses, suit jackets, two-piece sets…

5️⃣ The futuristic aesthetic, also called Dominatrix.

Especially referring to Rosalía’s latest album of “Motomami”

Biker leather jackets, harnesses, overalls, retro sunglasses… an aesthetic that will not go unnoticed.

6️⃣ The corset.

We already started using it this summer and it will continue to be used this season.

Have you already encouraged to try it? A very feminine and sexy style that will help highlight your figure.

7️⃣ Shoulder pads, mainly on coats and jackets.

The style that we will see will be jackets with large shoulder pads and crossed closure, sometimes a belt to further accentuate the waist, and long to the shin.

8️⃣ Skater or cargo pants.

Straight cut and oversized, with a low waist.

The return to the 2000s is very present this season… Would you wear low-waisted pants again? 😎

9️⃣ XXL down jacket.

The down jackets do not leave our winter wardrobes, in fact they stay but in their larger version.

If they were already bulky enough and occupied a large part of our wardrobe… will they now leave room for the other clothes? 😂

🔟 Gloves.

But not the typical knitwear that we wear to keep warm… Do you remember the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? Well, that, the opera-style gloves will be this season.

You can combine them with the most sophisticated evening dresses or with your warmest coats. 

What trend will you dare this season?

Tell us in the comments! 👇🤩


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