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19 December 2021


Today we bring you a very special post that we want to share with all of you.

We are especially excited because we want to thank you for the support received throughout this year.

And what better way than by telling great news!

Many of you surely have already seen it a bit on instagram, but we wanted to make a post on the blog telling you first-hand all the details 😊

Beysic had the great opportunity to work with the jewelry firm Pomellato

On the occasion of the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of their iconic jewel, the Nudo ring, they wanted to organize two events to show the collection and for their customers to discover which colors favored them. 

The Nudo ring is a timeless and very versatile jewel, you can also find it in different colors since the gems it carries are made of different materials and carved by hand.

I was working with the Pomellato team in two different locations in Madrid: the first in the Corte Inglés of Castellana and the second one, in the Pomellato Boutique in José Ortega and Gasset street.

Corte Inglés of Castellana
Corte Inglés of Castellana
Boutique Pomellato in Madrid
Boutique Pomellato in Madrid

The most loyal customers of the brand were invited to the event and with them, Alba tried to discover which colors favored each one the most through the analysis / study of color.

Analysis? Study? Color? – You may be wondering what is all this? What do you mean?

The study or analysis of color is a method by which the colors that most favor the person are discovered. Physical characteristics such as natural hair color, our skin tone or eye color greatly influence.

In addition to taking these factors into account, the study is carried out with different colored scarves.

The person’s upper body is covered with a white cloak to neutralize the color of the clothes they are wearing. Afterwards, six totally opposite colored handkerchiefs are first tried on to find out if the person is cold or warm in hue:

  1. Black versus brown: black is cold and brown is warm. 
  1. White versus beige: white is cold and beige is warm.
  1. Hot pink versus orange: hot pink is cold and orange is warm. 

How to know if the color favors us or not? 🤔 When we try a color that looks good and flatters the face, expression lines such as dark circles, the line that forms from the nose to the corner of the lips … all these lines are attenuated and blurred. In addition, it also gives us a pinkish tone to our cheeks, it enlivens our skin tone! 

On the other hand, a color that does not favor us, accentuates and marks the lines of expression and makes our face pale. 

Once we have discovered if the person belongs to the cold or warm tonality, we go on to play with the intensities of the colors of said tonality to find out if one color palette or another favors them more.

There are two different color palettes in each of them.

  • Cold tonality, color palettes: winter and summer
  • Warm tonality, color palettes: autumn and spring.

Now that you know what the color study consists of, would you like to know which colors are the ones that suit you the most? 😁

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