Color Psychology
22 October 2021

Hi everyone! Today we want to show you the world of colors and the color psychology.

It is a topic that we already made known through Instagram but today we will go deeper into this post.

What is the color psychology?  

Colors are found in everything around us. 

When we dress it is not the exception, these, in addition to being a means of expression in Fashion, also denote emotions. For this reason, is the name of Color Psychology.

Colors at the time of dressing, influence our mood and how other people perceive us. 

Let’s see some colors and what it means to wear them in our garments, that is, what we transmit when we use certain colors:  

  • Beige: this color conveys simplicity, traditionalism and humility.
  • Yellow: illuminates and ecougares creativity. It transmits joy and hope. It is par excellence the color of summer. 
  • Orange: strong and warmth. It represents the end of autumn.
  • Red: denotes heat, power, passion and strength. It is the color for when we want to stand out or feel sensual.
  • Green: represents nature, success, health and safety. 
  • Purple: it is associated with wisdom, imagination, madness, creativity, mystery and magic. It is also  the color of royalty. 
  • Blue: denotes tranquility, authority, trust and loyalty. It is the color that is most successful in job interviews.
  • Gray: after blue, it is the most popular color for job interviews. It symbolizes neutrality and sophistication. 
  • White: this color is synonymous with purity and neatness. It is the color of wedding dresses and summer parties par excellence. It will give you a fresh look. It is also highly choose for its ability to highlight your tan tone.
  • Gold: It is symbolically related to gold, that is why we automatically associate it with wealth. However, it can also represent the sun, brightness and lighting.
  • Pink: it is seen as a jovial color that denotes feminity, although more and more men are daring with it. It is a color that is capable of highlighting our features, our skin tone, just as it would happen with the color white.
  • Black: it is the color of authority, power and seriousness. Without a doubt, the most popular for the elegance it transmits and its slimming effect.
  • Brown:  transmits credibility, it is the color of the earth and nature. It is a perfect color to  convey information.

We have already seen the colors and the meaning of each one of them… Now we will see that they not only have a meaning, but also convey a message that can influence our emotional state and how the world perceives us.

All the colors around us emit a sensation or emotion this also happens as we said before, when we use them in our outfits.

Beyond combining them and being a way of expression, the colors we choose can impact our mood and give a practical message to other people.

Let’s see it!  

Serenity and joy: if your day has been a bit hectic and you feel overhelmed or stressed, wearing pastel colors in our look are perfect to generate calm and raise our mood. Being colors of light tones, they provide a lot of light giving a feeling of lightness and comfort.

Confidence and expression: warm and bright colors will undoubtedly be your allies when you want to feel empowered. Wearing these shades sometimes means leaving your comfort zone but they provide and emanate immense security.

Leadership and work: neutral colors like gray, white, black and beige are always used in formal events, including job interviews. But do not be afraid to use a monochrome suit, you will be giving an impression of leadership, but you can combine it with an accessory of another color or something that represents you and generates more security in your outfit.

Now that you know everything related to the color psychology, what each of them means and what we transmit when wearing them… Tell us in the comments, what color do you usually wear more in your outfits?  

See you in the next post! 😀 


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