Colors that we will wear in 2021
15 January 2021

Pantone has already decided what the Color of the Year would be, but for this 2021 it chose two.

On the one hand, the yellow color called Illuminating; and, on the other hand, the gray one called Ultimate Gray.

Source: Pantone

The combination of both transmits a message of strength and positivity to face 2021 with more enthusiasm than ever!

The color Illuminating 13-0647: it is a bright yellow that gives us joy.

Ultimate Gray 17-5104: It is a more serious color, but “it is emblematic of the solid elements and they provide a firm base” – Pantone.

We could already see these colors on the catwalks this past year in the spring – summer 2021 shows, like these that we show you below:

Jacquemus – Spring/Summer 2021
Salvatore Ferragamo – Spring/Summer 2021
Prada – Spring/Summer 2021
Balmain – Spring/Summer 2021

In the end, colorimetry or the study of color says a lot about us in how we dress and the colors we choose to dress, it is a way of transmitting our personality and our mood.

What do you think?

Do you think it is true that we transmit a lot about ourselves with the colors we wear?


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