Different styles… Which one is yours?
2 September 2021
What style identifies you?

Today we bring you a topic that is closely related to how we show our personality, lifestyle and tastes through fashion … let’s talk about style.

On many occasions we have come across comments such as “I don’t know what my style is” or “I can’t find my style”… that’s why, with today’s post we want to show you the different existing styles and above all make you see, that you not only have a single style or way of dressing, you can be as many as you want to be!

According to Fashion, there are 7 Universal Styles that we are going to comment on below:

Natural style, whose main message is simplicity and closeness. They are usually people who prefer basics and who do not need to buy new clothes too often. They tend to choose neutral colors, not very flashy, comfortable, fluid clothing and natural fabrics.

Traditional / classic style: transmits loyalty and responsibility. They pay special attention to their image, they do not usually use flashy prints, they choose little trend pieces, and they prefer quality over quantity.

Elegant style: show respect and appreciation. It is a reinvention of the classic or traditional style, it would be a mix between elegant and more “classic” pieces with more trendy garments. They wear riskier clothes with brighter colors.

Romantic style, the one that shows your most sensitive side and also, commitment. Subtle prints, pastel and neutral colors, bows, ruffles. They are usually a reflection of a sweet and close personality.

Seductive style: exuberance. Short garments adjusted to the lines of the body. It is also common to find necklines both in the front and in the back. They use strong colors and patterns such as animal print. They convey a confident and daring personality.

Creative style: differentiation and freedom of expression. People with a lot of self-confidence who dare to try new trends, mix patterns and colors, different types of clothing cuts, etc. They are very expressive and innovative.

Dramatic style: charisma and leadership. It would be the creative style but in its greatest expression, raised to the maximum exponential. They mix many textures and patterns, make use of very powerful and striking colors, showing unique creations.

We have wanted to show you many more styles!

Of all the ones we have shown you, which one / which ones do you most identify with?

Remember, you can choose as many as you want! 🙂


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