Sales: Guide for good purchases
15 July 2022

You’ve probably already heard about it, but if not, we’ll remind you… Summer SALES have started! 

Surely you have your cart ready with the clothes and accessories that you want to buy at your favorite store… right? 😜

The purchase options are very varied, we know that, but we don’t want you to spend all your savings on sales either. For this reason, we have created a small guide for you to take into account when you go shopping.

Both to buy responsibly and intelligently, and so that you can combine new clothes with those you already have in your wardrobe.

If you want to know what you have to do, continue reading! 👇

The first step is very simple: Make a list of everything you want to buy. Ideally, if you can, take a look at the stores such as their websites to see what they offer you. Having this list will help us really focus on what we want and not divert attention to other options no matter how low they are.

Now, make a second list with what you really need. In this way, we can compare it with the previous list and realize if “the wish list” is full of whims or not. With this, we do not mean that you can not buy a whim but that you take it into account when you read the third tip.

Set a budget. Yes… we already know that sales are very attractive due to the prices they offer, but sometimes going without a budget can mean that we spend more than we can. Therefore, before going to the stores, it is a good idea to think about how much money we have, how much we can spend on sales and how much we really want to spend.

Less is more, we mean that sales can also be a good opportunity to buy those objects that in another situation would not be within our reach because they have a higher price. So you can also make some good smart purchases since in the end they become an investment, we will use them more and they will be of better quality. Conclusion, we will be buying fewer things, but surely we will get more out of them.

Set a budget

Make sure that what you buy is because you are really going to use it. Many times it happens to us that we buy things that seem wonderful in the store and when we get home we do not know what or how to combine them. So that this does not happen to us again, the best thing would be to do a previous review of our wardrobe to see everything we have, what we no longer use, what we want to give away, what we have never worn… In this way we will make a good idea of what we need, what needs to be replaced and what we will never use.

Buy basics if you don’t have them. Trends change every two or three, that’s why it’s good to have a good wardrobe made up of basic and timeless garments that allow us to create many combinations.

If you go to physical stores, try on clothes before you buy them. Above all to avoid having to go back and make sure that if you take it it is because it looks really good on you. 👌

We know that the last one is going to be difficult, especially since we currently pay everything by card or mobile… but, if you can, bring cash. That way when you run out, you’ll really notice and you won’t keep buying. Otherwise, it will cost you more to keep the accounts and you still go over the budget that you had set for yourself. 

Basic and versatile garments

Now that you have discovered all the TIPS to go on sale… Will you carry them out? 😏

Let’s hope so! And if you prefer, we can do your shopping for you with our Personal Shopper service.

Tell us, what have been your latest acquisitions in the sales? 🤩


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