How to know what type of body we have?
28 September 2021

How to know what our figure is?

Have you ever thought about your body type to know how to boost it?

Depending on our physical proportions, our body adopts one type of figure or another. Today we are going to show you the different models that exist and discover which one is yours.  

The best way to guess what shape our body has is by measuring ourselves, so we can see what our proportions are and what parts of our figure stand out more or less than others.

Another option would be to dress in tight clothing to be able to mark the lines of the body well and stand in front of a mirror. In this way, we can observe:

  1. If our shoulders and hips form a straight line.
  1. If our shoulders are wider than our hips.
  1. If our hips are wider than our shoulders.  
  1. And also, if a curved line is created on our waist. It means, if we have or not our waist marked.

Once we have this information, let’s see what shape your body corresponds to….

Surely you have already seen that there are different ways of naming different body styles, we wanted to do it in the simplest way possible, through geometric figures.

We show them below:

  • Rectangle: the shoulders and hips are of similar width, they do not mark the waist much and they are straight in silhouette.
  • It favors: define your waist and provide sinuous lines. The star accessory is the belt. In the upper part you should use garments with puffed sleeves, vertical line prints … Below are skinny pants, flared skirts and dresses with fall.
  • Triangle: the shoulders are narrower than the hips, and the waist is marked.  
  • It favors: you should enhance the upper body. Wear jackets with shoulder pads, shirts with ruffles on the shoulders, thin tank tops, printed t-shirts with horizontal stripes …
  • Inverted triangle: here the shoulders are the base of the triangle and the hips are the narrowest part, the waist is poorly defined.
  • It favors: enhancing the lower part of the body with striking patterns and colors, pockets on the sides of the trousers, ornaments … Use t-shirts and tops with vertical and rounded lines, dark colors and weighted fabrics.
  • Hourglass: the shoulders and hips have a similar width, the waist is marked.
  • It favors: define the lines of your body and enhance your waist. Bet on plunging necklines that lengthen your top. The high waist and belts are two great allies.
  • Oval: rounded silhouette, has volume in the chest and abdomen, and does not mark the waist.
  • It favors: your main objective will be to lengthen the silhouette. Take advantage of your curves without adding more volume. Fall garments, weighted fabrics, small prints, vertical stripes, solid and dark tones… Forget about clothes that increase your body volume.

Now that you know all the types of shapes, do you already know which one is yours?

Let us know in the comments 🙂


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