Looking for what to wear this spring/summer 2021?
25 March 2021

New trends Spring / Summer 2021


Spring is just around the corner, the weather is starting to be nice, the sun is coming out, we feel like being outdoors… and with all this, the new collections are starting to arrive to the stores!

Today we will talk about the new season that is coming and we will show you some of the trends that we have already seen in the last fashion shows that you will not be able to resist 😍

Straight from Fashion Weeks but adapted to your closet and possibilities!🥳

The trends that will mark your outfits during the next months of the year

Cropped Tops & Bralettes
Wide Leg Jeans
“Flossing” Trend

Cropped Tops & Bralettes: tops are getting more and more inspired by lingerie, the ones you will notice the most are the transparent, knitted and lace ones.

Wide leg jeans / Loose jeans: you will not only find this trend in jeans, you will also see it in other pants. The “low rise” or low rise, which reminds us of the 2000’s, is also very popular. What is true is that this type of wide pants are super comfortable for summer and very versatile.

Flossing trend is one of the most daring trends of this season.

Tunic + Pants

Sequins: did you think they would only be worn in winter? Well no… both metallic fabrics and sequins will continue to be worn during the summer season. And in the absence of social events where we used to wear sequined garments … we will have to adapt these garments to our street style.

Circular cut-outs: or circular openings, a detail that has not gone unnoticed in the fashion shows and that we are already starting to see in the stores. A back neckline that will be key this summer > the circular opening in the back.

Tunic + pants: it consists of wearing tunic dresses with pants (almost always matching), we will surely see it a lot in street style looks this spring/summer.

Bomber Jacket
Saharan Jacket

The trench: in addition to being a closet staple,it will become a trend that you won’t be able to say no this spring Why? Because it’s a very versatile jacket that admits a thousand combinations, both for dressed up and casual looks, and also, because it’s a garment that you can use throughout the year.

Bomber jacket: it has been a years with us, but it’s true that now we see it more in masculine wardrobes than in feminine ones. The bomber jacket: it has been with us for a few years now, but it is true that now we see it more in men’s closets than in women’s. The catwalks have not forgotten it and neither have we! It will become one of the star garments of the season.

The sahariana: like the trench coat, it is a jacket that never goes out of fashion and also perfect for summer for its comfort, elegance and if you choose it in linen like the one in the photo, it will be a garment that you will never be able to separate from!

Bowling Shirt
70’s Suit

The Bowling shirt: short-sleeved and with prints, and if it can be vintage, ¡even better! Drop shoulder, short sleeves that reach almost to the elbow and straight body to the hip.

The 70’s suit: characterized by being a loose-fitting suit, double-breasted blazer and double-breasted with marked shoulders and straight pants. You will not stop seeing it in the stores! Combine it with a pair of sneakers to give the look a bit of a kick.

White Pants
XXL Shorts

The white pants: these are the jeans you won’t take off all summer long. Straight leg and fluid, super combinable with all kinds of tops, perfect for any occasion.

XXL Shorts: this season, shorts are back much more comfortable. They lengthen to the knee and are quite wide-legged.

Now you know what will be the trends that will mark the Street style looks next season…

Which trend do you like the most?

Leave us your comment! We read you. 😊


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