New Summer Trends 2022
9 June 2022

Hello everyone! 

How are you? How was the closet season change?  

Surely it wasn’t that big of a deal 😛 and you were able to do a good job filtering your clothes! 

It is important to do this so that our clothes do not die in the closet without being used, so keep in mind that if you also do a good filter and it is in perfect condition, you can donate it or sell it… and the best of everything, that more new clothes will enter in your closet! 😀 

You will have already begun to notice that summer is approaching with the high temperatures that we are having these days… and like every new season, it comes loaded with new trends… 

We have made a recap of the 5 most TOP fashion trends, yes yes more TOP! of this summer and, that you have probably already started to see in stores or already have some of them in your dressing room… and if you don’t have them yet, you’re taking time to do it! 

Stay tuned as we begin!

The 5 TOP trends of Summer 2022 🌞

Crochet Dresses: one more summer, this versatile garment is once again a must in our dressing room. Both for day looks and for a more arranged look at night. They are so wearable that they will serve you for any occasion😉 

T-shirts and tank tops, it’s time to start showing off biceps 💪 Try wearing tank tops with short-sleeved shirts on top and open, achieving the “over shirt” effect. You will give a very cool touch to your looks.

Crochet dress
T-shirts and tank tops

We have already seen the fringed garments in the spring trends, and they will continue with us throughout the summer season. Both in garments and accessories, we see them in the trims of jackets, as part of skirts, bags or dresses.

If you didn’t get any garment of this style in spring, don’t run out of it this summer!

Cut out necklines, garments with openings for both men and women. 

They are the reflection that men’s fashion is increasingly plural and uninhibited. These garments will rock this summer! You will see it mostly on t-shirts, tops and dresses. They help to strengthen the upper part of the body, so if your figure is a triangle or rectangle, you’re in luck! Because they will stylize you and look great on you! 

Cut out neckline in dresses and tops.
Cut out neckline

Colorful prints and garments, the more the merrier! Whether in “color block” in striking tones such as fuchsia pink or fluorescent green, or in pastel tones, men’s suits will be dyed in the most unconventional colors. This summer, dare with matching vest and pants suits, creating a monochromatic look. You will make your figure look very stylized and you will look taller. 

As for prints, you will see vertical stripes everywhere in both upper and lower garments. The good thing about this print if we compare it with horizontal stripes is that verticality helps to stylize our figure, the opposite happens with horizontal stripes, they normally add volume depending also on the width of the stripe.

Another of the prints that will reign throughout this season will be the print of all kinds of flowers, large, small, on skirts, dresses, t-shirts, etc… 

Colorful garments

Now that you know what the main trends for this summer will be… Tell us, do you prefer that we create your looks for you? 😎 Hire our Personal shopper service and we will show you different proposals based on your budget and what you need to incorporate into your closet.


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