What bikini or swimsuit boost your body?
19 July 2022

Hello everyone!!

How’s the summer? Have you already taken the first dip of the year? ☀️🌊

With these high temperatures, the only thing you want is not to get out of the water! but, yes, always showing our style, even with a swimsuit 😜

Today we bring you a very interesting post that you will surely find quite useful.

👉 We are going to tell you how to enhance your figure with swimwear so that this summer you can show off your tipin on all the beaches and pools you go to.

We have divided it according to the different types of figures that exist, emphasizing which parts of the body must be highlighted and enhanced.

Let us begin!! 😍

Triangle body: this silhouette is characterized by having the shoulders narrower than the hips and the waist, defined.

Where we have to attract attention and what we have to highlight is the upper part of the body. How? Making use of prints, ruffles, necklines in the bust area and shoulders.

On the hips, use solid colors or vertical striped patterns, high-waisted panties or swimsuits that emphasize the bust.


Inverted triangle body: shoulders wider than hips, slim waist but not as defined, because the hips in this body type are small.

Use the types of high cut swimsuit, bikinis with side tie, swimsuit or bikinis with embroidery on the sides, Brazilian bottom, It is also recommended to look for swimsuits with prints in horizontal lines to widen your hips and avoid vertical lines and diagonals.

Oval body: hips and shoulders are aligned, volume in chest and abdomen. We must achieve an optical effect where the waist is highlighted and the silhouette is stylized..

A high-waisted swimsuit is recommended, avoid garments with straps or horizontal prints since instead of losing weight, the body will be seen wider, ties or belts.

Hourglass body: when your shoulders and hips are aligned and you have a defined waist.

They favor most prints, types of necklines and panties. For the upper part, the triangle, bandeau or balconette shape is recommended. And for the lower part: brazilian or high-cut panties, with knots on the sides, prints or ruffles.

Rectangular body: the shoulders and hips are equally wide and the waist has little definition..

For the upper part, it is recommended to use the triangle shape, the halter neckline and to use prints, fringes or ruffles to enhance the bust. For the bottom, use prints with horizontal stripes, ruffled edges or bows to give more width to the hips.

Swimsuits, those with a pronounced neckline will look great and trikinis are also a very good option.

Now we show you some tips to enhance or hide some areas that surely you have already wondered yourself more than once… 👇🤩

To hide breast:

If you are one of those with a large chest, it is best to wear a bikini or swimsuit that has underwires and wide straps, for greater support and comfort. Triangular shapes and a sweetheart neckline are very flattering.

To enhance the curves:

The best way to highlight and enhance your curves is to use details such as openings or very thin straps that you can wrap around your body. As for swimsuits, remember that the higher (and more open) the bottom is, the better.

To mark the waist and hide the belly:

The best thing is that you choose high-waisted panties and dark colors, black or prints with vertical stripes. Swimsuits are also a very good option as they help shape the figure.

With these tips, you probably already know which bikini or swimsuit suits you best and, if you still have any questions, you can always hire our Fashion consulting service and we will discover what suits you best. 🚀🌟


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