What is a fashion counselling?
27 May 2022

What is a fashion counselling?

Discover all the details about the star service

Hello everyone!

Today we bring you a post about one of our star services and about which you are asking us the most questions.

There are many of you who ask us about the image consulting service, what it consists of, what it is for, if it is possible to do it online, how it will help you…

Your wishes are orders!

Today we will talk about this service and we will explain all the details.

Surely when you finish reading this post you will be wanting to start with your image consultancy 🤩 

Lets start by the beginning, What is a fashion counselling?

It is the complete study of your image and style.  

And you will ask yourself, what does this mean? Well, an image consultancy not only encompasses the most superficial part of fashion such as what clothes or accessories to wear, we also get to know the person, lifestyle, tastes, personality, etc. All this is necessary to carry out the session. 

In an image consultancy we carry out a color study to discover which colors are the most flattering for your skin tone.

As we commented in a previous post about the Psychology of color lcolors not only influence us in upper garments, but in everything that directly affects our face, that is, accessories, hair color, beard, makeup… and you are going to notice because when colors favor us, they give us life, they blur the most marked lines on your face… in other words, they help you shine!

Color Study

We already know which color palette favors you the most, now we will go to see the part of visagism. Visagism? Yes! By this we mean discovering your face type.  

What is it for? Mainly to be able to advise you on how to apply makeup and what colors to use, different beard styles, haircuts and colors; without forgetting, also, the different types of accessories that will help you enhance your face.

But the image consultancy does not end here… there is still much more!

In addition, we will also discover what your type of figure is and how to enhance it.

This is what we call: morphology. We will see what your strong points are and how to get the most out of them with the help of different clothes and accessories, always taking into account the colors that best suit you and your tastes.. 


Does it include anything else? 

Well yes, there is still more. 

Finally, we will show you which footwear would also suit you best according to your style and, in relation to the “basic wardrobe background” footwear that will help you create a thousand combinations.

And accessories such as types of bags, belts, costume jewelry and/or jewelry. 

The latter, super important, more than we think… why? Basically because they help us enhance any look and give the final touch to our outfits.

Is it possible to do it online?

Of course yes! Because before starting we will send you a questionnaire to get to know you in which you will indicate all your tastes, lifestyle, personality, sizes, physical characteristics… and you can also attach images.

The advice will be done through video call with our image consultant Alba, during this appointment you will be able to solve all your doubts, and Alba will explain little by little how to enhance your image and style.

After the session, we will send you your presentation so you can see it in more detail and if you have any questions, you can consult us later with total confidence, that’s why we are here! 🤩

Have we solved all your doubts? 😛 I think so, but if you still have any unresolved questions, you can write to us on WhatsApp 👉 +34 660 60 37 86 and we will be happy to advise you.

What are you waiting for to book your session with Beysic?😀  


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