What is BEYSIC?
31 December 2020
¿Qué es Beysic?

Boosting our image and style should be an easy task, right? To have an image consultant or a personal shopper should not be considered as something aspirational and to which only a few people can access.

For that reason, BEYSIC was born to enhance the style of each person.

How? Very easy. The client chooses and buys the service through the website, a questionnaire is sent to the person to know them better and with that information, a study and a presentation are made. Later will be shown to them in the consultancy for the day they choose.   

The website was launched on September 28th 2020 with the idea of getting closer to its public target transmitting the brand values: Brave, Empathy, Youthful, Style, Inclusive, and Creative.

We want to make this type of service more accessible and visible to everyone because the concept of an image consultant is known, but at the same time very unknown by people.

Just like having a personal trainer seemed difficult at the time, having your own image consultant will no longer be a luxury service.

It’s not about change, it’s about bringing out the best in you.


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