What is image consulting and what is a personal shopper?
12 March 2021

The image consultant is the professional who is in charge of advising the person in question on what suits him/her best, having carried out a previous study in order to get to know him/her better. The image consultancy usually includes the study of color, visagism, that is to say to know the type of face we have, and the morphological study or our type of body silhouette. In this way, we will know what clothes, accessories, make-up, colors, type of beard, etc. to recommend to the client.  

On the other hand, the personal shopper, in addition to advising the client on what suits him/her best, is also hired to make the purchases of garments and accessories according to the client’s needs.

Fashion consultant & Personal shopper

In Beysic you can hire these services, and we also provide “Create your perfect closet” service and “events and particular consultings”.

Before going deeper into the services, let’s discuss about how you can acquire the advice you want in the simplest way possible, only three steps are necessary:

  1. Choose and purchase the service that best suits what you are looking for 🔍
  2. Complete the questionnaire that we will send you to get to know you better 📝
  3. We will schedule a video call to enhance your image and style 🚀

Now, let’s talk in more detail about our services so that all those doubts you may have can be solved. If at the end of this post you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write us an email to contacto@beysic-ad.com

Let’s get started! 😜

1. Fashion consultant:

This service is perfect for those who want to know themselves better and get the most out of themselves.

With this image consultancy, you will learn what colors suit you best and why; you will know what haircut and color suit you, how to apply make-up or what type of beard suits you best.

In addition, you will see how to enhance yourself according to your morphology, that is, your body type. And you will know what clothes and accessories to choose for your next purchases.

Asesoría de imagen
Fashion consulting

2. Personal shopper:

The personal Shopper service is more focused on buying clothes and accessories that customer needs, either to complement your closet or to renew your wardrobe or a change of season.

Whatever the reason, in addition to knowing what colors favors you the most and know what garments and accessories are best suited to you. The personal shopper will create different looks depending on the budget, lifestyle and other guidelines stipulated by the client.

Personal shopper
Personal shopper

3. Create your perfect closet:

This is the most complete service of all, that’s why it lasts longer than the other consultancies.

Once we have seen colors, the type of body and depending on this, the clothes and accessories that best suit you… we will see what you have stored in your closet that you don’t use for some time, we will see what timeless garments you have and how you can combine them, some tips for the care of clothing…

These are some of the things we will see in this type of advice.

Fondo de armario
Create your perfect closet

4. Events & Particular consultings:

This consultancy is more focused on specific needs of the client, that is, if you have for example a special event such as a wedding, a cocktail, a corporate event … also fall into this type of consultation, for example, a job interview that you consider important and do not know what to wear, even a date.

Many times, we have everyday situations such as going to launch or dinner with friends and we do not know what to wear or how to dress according to a dress code.

This service is focused on this type of situations, to make life easier for our customers.

Consultas particulares y eventos
Events & Particular consultings

You can find more information about our services by clicking here

We will see us in the next post! 🤙


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