What is the “Slow Fashion”?
28 April 2021

What is the “Slow Fashion”?

The “Slow Fashion” is what we would call sustainable fashion.

Quality garments, durable, ethically manufactured and, respectful of both the environment and the workers.

But why did this movement appear? But why did this movement appear? It became known as a response to “Fast Fashion”. Since the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries worldwide, it was necessary for a movement to appear that would try to slow down the excessive production and excessive consumption of fashion. So, this change also involves consumers and the way we buy fashion.

Slow Fashion

Slow fashion takes into acccount the following points:

  • The quality, durability, and longevity of garments.
  • Slower production and replacement of garments.
  • Workers receive a fair wage.
  • They reduce the carbon footprint generated per garment.
  • They try to generate zero waste.
  • They make limited and timeless productions.

Here are some of the Made in Spain sustainable fashion brands that you have to know 👇


Madrid-based brand born in 2020 founded by Beatriz Rivera, creates sustainable, high quality and durable jeans.

Comfortable, versatile and timeless jeans made through recycled fabrics.


Spanish footwear brand founded in 2014 by Asun and Pepe, CEO of GENUINS, belong to the fourth generation of a family dedicated to shoemaking.

They manufacture cork-soled shoes with anatomical soles (BIO).

MER Collection:

Made in Spain brand inspired by the hippie and bohemian fashion of the 70s.

They create timeless garments that will never go out of fashion, with their own identity and with a story to tell, as you can be part of the creative process adapting it to your needs.


Brand of handcrafted vegan leather accessories such as belts, backpacks and bags, timeless designs made from materials such as recycled polyester and using artisanal techniques in Madrid and Alicante.

The Nordic Leaves:

Catalan brand founded in 2018 by Cristina and Daniel inspired by a trip they made to Scandinavian countries. They try to reflect in their collections that feeling of well-being and harmony with our environment.

They manufacture garments of minimalist aesthetics with fabrics such as linen and organic cotton.

Tell us what do you think about the “slow fashion” movement? Do you know more brands with these values?


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